June 20 : World Refugee Day

The World Refugee Day is a crucial opportunity to recognize the strength and resilience of refugees worldwide and to raise vital funds to help ease the suffering of 60 million displaced persons. In a world where one in seven is moving, the children are the forgotten victims . Children, in fact, constitute a disproportionate number of refugees worldwide. Of the nearly 60 million who are currently displaced from their homes by war and persecution, half of them are children. Let’s help them dream again !

The campaign also marks the arrival this year of a new emergency humanitarian aid project to help Cameroon displaced persons in thirty villages in the region of the Far North of Cameroon. This project initiated by LÉGER FOUNDATION, produced with the support of Global Affairs Canada in partnership with the Diocesan Development Committee (DDC) – CARITAS Cameroon, aims to improve the resilience of the most vulnerable and more specifically, the living conditions to 31,300 vulnerable and isolated people.

How to participate in the campaign?

Why participate in the campaign?

  • The refugee crisis is a global emergency that affects all countries.
  • 60 million people worldwide currently suffer from having to leave everything they knew to ensure their safety.
  • Money raised in this campaign will give immediate and short term help to people fleeing conflict zones.
  • Your contribution will take the form of shelter, food, clean water, and other livelihoods.
  • The largest aid organizations in the country working together, ensuring the success of this fundraiser!