Famine Relief Fund

Over 34 million people in Africa and Yemen are currently facing a serious and life-threatening food crisis. The populations of several affected countries, including Nigeria, South Sudan and Cameroon, have been displaced by conflict, have lost the ability to feed their families, or are having more and more trouble finding drinking water to meet their needs. These countries face the growing threat of famine, and their people are at risk of dying from hunger. We can put a stop to this, but we must act now!

The LÉGER FOUNDATION, which is currently responding to the humanitarian needs of over 40,000 people in the Far North region of Cameroon, wants to increase its response by providing additional emergency aid to communities threatened by famine. The LÉGER FOUNDATION and its local Cameroon partner, the CDD-Caritas Maroua-Mokolo, want to provide emergency health care to children suffering from malnutrition and help people displaced by conflict resume their farming activities.

From March 17 to June 30 2017, the Government of Canada matched all donations raised by the LÉGER FOUNDATION and other eligible charities to respond to the famine crisis.