The mission of the LÉGER FOUNDATION is to support innovative community-based initiatives in Quebec and elsewhere to improve the well-being of vulnerable and marginalized persons, here at home and abroad. In Quebec, the LÉGER FOUNDATION works with organizations in 14 regions of the province. Worldwide, it finances partners whose actions are situated in 11 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

The mission of the LÉGER FOUNDATION is based on the belief that, to break the cycle of poverty and regain dignity, every individual must be able to satisfy their basic needs, evolve in a loving and safe environment and to exercise a social role rewarding within the community, according to their ability.

The LÉGER FOUNDATION promotes initiatives aimed at making a real difference in the living conditions of vulnerable and marginalized populations. Without limiting the means of action or results that organizations attempt to achieve, the LÉGER FOUNDATION seeks two major outcomes:

  • reducing vulnerability in terms of food, and economic and physical security
  • fostering the social inclusion of marginalized populations

Because of its mission, the LÉGER FOUNDATION differs from other organizations active in Quebec and elsewhere in the world through the emphasis placed on:

  • organizational strengthening
  • documenting results and approaches
  • sharing of experiences and knowledge
  • sustainable action


Whether in Quebec or elsewhere in the world, the work of the LÉGER FOUNDATION is based on fundamental principles such as:


  • sustainable development and citizen and community empowerment: the LÉGER FOUNDATION prioritizes support to local and community interventions that focus on strengthening individual capacities and community mobilization.
  • gender equality: through the implementation of its gender equality policy, the LÉGER FOUNDATION promotes gender equality and the essential role of women as agents of change in all FOUNDATION actions.
  • community engagement: the LÉGER FOUNDATION sees itself as a gateway for volunteers to contribute to local initiatives aimed at the general public and youth in particular, here and elsewhere in the world.
  • a shift towards youth: action for and with young people is instrumental in developing initiatives aimed at breaking the cycle of poverty and developing their capacity to become tomorrow’s leaders in the fight for justice and dignity.


At the very heart of all its actions, the LÉGER FOUNDATION is guided by one central value: dignity, the inalienable right of all human beings, irrespective of their condition, nationality, culture or religion.

To break the cycle of poverty and regain their dignity, all individuals must be able to meet their basic needs, live in a loving and safe environment, and play a meaningful social role within their community based on their capabilities.

The LÉGER FOUNDATION seeks to help prevent situations or reduce barriers that hamper the rights of individuals to respect and physical and psychological integrity, and to their full participation in society. The FOUNDATION supports initiatives to mobilize vulnerable or marginalized individuals and support them in their efforts towards social and economic integration.